Jul 182017

The 13th Doctor (Jodie Whittaker)

I don’t like the way political correctness is getting in the way of good characters and storytelling.

I don’t want a male Mary Poppins, or a male Lara Croft, or a male Wonder Woman.

In the same vein, I don’t want a female Shelock Holmes, or a female Indiana Jones, or a female Doctor Who.

Gender is a basic defiling characteristic of the human condition. You can’t get around the fact that we as a species have different psychological reactions to other people depending on our gender and theirs.

This means that when creating a fictional character, their gender is NOT trivial. It is a major defining characteristic of that character’s identity.

So no, I don’t want classic characters what I loved for many years to be gender-swapped in the name of political correctness.

Also, one could argue that gender-swapping a well established and beloved character is actually chauvinistic because it creates the impression that you can’t have a successful female character unless it was first a success as a male character.

If you want a strong female character in the Doctor Who universe, bring back Romana and make her the star of her own show. THAT is affirmative action. Not trying to “steal” a male character’s popularity to further your agenda.